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Cultural Tours

Local Indigenous man Gerald Power founded the company in September 2016, with a vision is to share the heritage and cultural knowledge of the region’s Wiradjuri nation with both visitors and residents alike.

Indigenous Cultural Adventures Tours is a company based in Orange in Central New South Wales, and has been established with the blessing and approval of local Wiradjuri Elders.

“We wish to take the public on a journey about the First Nations People, and it’s about sharing our culture and heritage through experience of our country and the food that we have consumed and survived on for 50,000 years,” explains Gerald Power, Owner and Founder of Indigenous Cultural Adventures- Cultural Tours & Bush Tucka.

All cultural tours are hosted and guided by local Wiradjuri Elders, and small groups of visitors will be taken off the beaten-path to see the site of Yuranigh’s burial site. Yuranigh was the renowned guide for Sir Thomas Mitchell, who explored and surveyed the Orange region in 1851. The site features a cluster of carved trees to signify the burial ground of a very important person.

The Wiradjuri nation has been deeply rooted in the Orange region and its surrounding districts for over 50,000 years. Through Indigenous Cultural Adventures – Cultural Tours will explore the rich and vibrant culture of the Wiradjuri nation, while visiting ceremonial sites and other sites of cultural significance in the region.

Cultural Camps

Experience 2-day 1-night. Journey through bush tracks visiting sacred traditional sites and forage for bush tucka. Camp out under the blanket of stars with food cooked over fire and shared stories about times gone by!